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:) Hello All-

I've been fighting cystic acne for about 2 years. I'm 38. Today I had my first visit to the dermotologist and I was prescribed Retinol-A, Ampicillian, Duac and Panoxyl bar.

I have some questions....

1. My insurance does not pay for the Retinol-. Has anyone tried to get it paid by having the dr. fill out a Mecially Necessary form? Does anyone have insurace that does pay for it?

2. If you private pay, where have you found the good deals?

3. The Duac is Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin. I am using Benzamycin right now. Is this basically the same? The nurse wrote this down on the chart, but the dr. and I didn't talk about it so I'm not sure if he knew I was using it. I am calling tomorrow.

Thanks for any comments you have. I've been a lurker here and there and I sure am glad you are all here to help.

Lisa :wave: