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Hello everyone. I was pretty relieved today when I came across this board with so many people willing to share information. It also makes me feel a bit better to see that many other people are going through similar frustrations with severe and persistent acne.
I'm now 22 and have had acne since I was about 15. It went away for about a year when I was like 19-20 then it came back as bad as it ever was before. Lately I started getting large cysts underneath the surface and my doc put me on 500 mg Keflex 4 times daily along with the 150mg Clindamycin 2x daily that I am already taking (and have been for about 3 years on and off).
When I research Keflex on the net it seems that the most that is recommended to take is 500mg twice a day for skin infections. Mind you that I don't have these boils all over my face, just one or two at a time which is bad enough. They can be the size of a quarter and they end up sprouting like 5-6 large pimples on top of it with giant whiteheads that will not pop! It is horrible and I end up picking at them I get so frustrated that they look like they will pop but they don't so I gouge them out and end up with huge scabs, now I'll stop my rambling.
Anyways, my question is really just: Has anyone had success with Keflex for this type of condition, and is the amount that I am taking too much along with the clindamycin? Should I stick with the 500 mg 4x like my doc told me or cut down to 2x a day. It just seems to me like that much antibiotics might not be good for me. I would appreciate any info that you might have on the subject.