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Thank you all so much for the info...
One more question, well maybe a few.
Dosage: I am a 22 year old male and I weigh roughly 150-160 lbs. How much should I take? I've heard all different opinions. You all sound like you have had great success... How much did you have to take to clear up? Did you start with a lower dose and then increase it?
Now when you say 'clear', do you mean that your skin became 100% clear without one single blemish? I can't even imagine how I would look. I'm going to try my hardest to get my doc to prescribe it for me. I have quite a strange insurance/doctor situation (long story) so it may be difficult.
I am also using oral antibiotics twice a day. With topical clindamycin twice a day, as well as Differin at night.
Did any of you use this much medication (mainly oral antibiotics) before starting Accutane and STILL not get a bad initial breakout after stopping all the medications abruptly. My main concern is breaking out initially from stopping all of these medications before starting it.
And I may try using the Differin a week into it as someone mentioned earlier.
Well, thanks again.
This board has helped me so much as far as information goes. As well as being able to communicate with people who are going through something similar. I never really see people with severe acne in person (probably because they're all hiding out in their house just like me). I've become such a hermit, lol.