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Hey Sweetie-
What a jerk off that doc was- grrrr, he should know better than to be so indifferent and unsympathetic.

I was on minocyclin about 5 years ago- it cleared me up very well, and i was also using a face alpha hydroxy and clindamycin combo that i applied topically. it worked well... but stress and life and so many things change, and here i am... with acne again...

give it a shot, it worked for me...
but as u will read on this forum, there is a lot of sense to nutrition- have a look Sweetjade and Promethes (sp?) are the gurus here on this.

Good luck

I took it for 18 months. Silly me. I thought it was candy. I thought everybody took it. My poor stomach. Years after filling it up with probiotics and yakult, I still think I am paying the price for taking it for so long

To sum up the situation, you have to grow out of acne. Your sebaceous gland must switch off. I went to a dermatalogist last week. This guy is really good. He talks with his eye close although there is nothing wrong with his eye. He said no matter what you take for your acne, whether accutane or topicals, oral antibiotics, your gland sensitivity must still switch off. Otherwise nothing will work to maximum. It will only control it but not eliminate it.

Interesting enough, I didn't take the minocin with any topicals. I remember I was also prescribed differin gel, however I didn't use it. Don't know why??? I probably use a bad *** BHA with high ethanol in them which is STUPID. Hence, I am still here. Since then, I have taken Retin-A (BAD), Clindamycin and a host of other OTC products (BHA, BP, TT Oil)

Good Luck