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My thoughts exactly... I hope everything goes well for you. I was going to order Accutane online because I didn't have insurance but I now managed to get covered and I'm going to make a doctor's appointment and he has to refer me to a derm. It's a pain in the *** of a long process considering sometimes you have to wait weeks or months for an appointment and I just hope that they'll give it to me. My acne is pretty bad and cystic but some just don't like to prescribe it for almost anyone.
I am also pretty terrified of taking it but I am trying to think positively about it. I think if you go into it expecting the worst that is exactly what you'll get. I get so worried about the initial breakout that I considered quitting my job or somehow attempting to arrange a few months off with some crazy scheme that I haven't yet thought up. But I don't think I should have to do any of that. People can eat *** if they don't like it.
The only reason I'm afraid I'll break out real bad at first is mainly because of stopping the clindamycin antibiotic pills that I'm taking (and have been for 3 years). I'm also using topical clindamycin twice daily and differin at night and it's barely even controlling it at all. I guess all topicals should be stopped before taking Accutane but I was thinking about still using the Differin for maybe the first week but I don't think either the oral or topical antibiotics would be a good idea.
What are you using prior to beginning Accutane? Do you plan on using your current meds up until the day you start? This is my dilemma at this point. I'm just scared to stop. I don't want to see what happens.
Well I'll be checking back to see what happens. Good luck.
well actually, i was clindamycin and it wasnt working at all---so i just stopped myself. My acne never got worse, but it didnt get any better either. So my guess would be that if its not doing anything for your face while your on the stuff, it wont do anything when you stop.

im kinda mad though cause my doctor suggested accutane and we did the blood work and everything, but i chickened out---now i gotta bring it up with my derm next appointment...ugh its gonna be a slow process indeed...

i dont even care about the other side effects of accutane (the bad ones are really rare, the smaller ones are worth it) i just dont wanna get the initial breakout!!