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My face did get extremely oily while I was on Doxycycline. I didn't think of a connection between the two but now that someone mentioned it... hmmmmm.
While I was taking it, it did nothing for me. My acne became more resistant and is rooted deeper down in the skin now. More cystic than before. Before it was mainly surface. Has anyone used Clindamycin? I am using it now and have been on and off for about 4 years. However I think it's not quite as effective on me anymore after using it for so long. But the first time I used it my face cleared completely and I was close to being acne-free for about a year. But after it, nothing seems to work at all. I am starting to think that using any antibiotics, especially multiple different ones makes your acne evolve into a stronger 'species' and it gets more resistant to treatment. I really feel that if I would have never used antibiotics and just let my acne run it's natural course internally and used just topicals that I would not have acne at all today and I wouldn't have to consider taking Accutane because now that is the only thing left that may be strong enough to stop it... But who could say for sure.. I'll just stick with the Clindamycin until I get someone to prescribe accutane for me. I've had quite enough of this. But to answer your question, no I think doxy sucks and I wouldn't recommend it, but it may be worth a shot and good luck.