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Hi everyone. :) I am a 20 year old girl and I've had moderate acne since I was 13. After trying many prescription topicals, antibiotics, and OTC products that didn't work, my new derm prescribed Accutane for me. I've been on it for almost 2 weeks now. My first week I was taking one 40mg pill a day, and this past wednesday I started taking two 40 mg pills a day. My skin, lips and eyes started drying out by the fourth day, and now my normally oily skin produces little to no oil. Most of my existing pimples are drying up fast and any new ones that form go away in no time. My facial skin looks kind of like I have a sunburn, but I can deal with that since my skin tends to be red most of the time anyway. As for the products I am using, I haven't changed my normal routine yet and I know I should since my skin is so dry. My derm told me to wash with Cetaphil but that stuff burns and irritates my skin so bad! I told her that and all she said was, "well it's the best cleanser to use". She also told me not to moisturize my face at all. :eek: And if my skin starts getting severely dry that she would write a prescription for an antibiotic (Clindamycin, which will only cause more dryness). I tried to get her to explain to me why I can't moisturize my skin, but she didn't really have much to say which is odd. Have any of you ever been told by your derm not to moisturize while on Accutane? Right now I am washing my face with Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser. It's great, but way too drying for me right now. I am skipping an all-over moisturizer at night and using Cetaphil Cream around my eyes and nose, and 100% pure aloe gel around my mouth and chin area. During the day I use Olay's Oil free Beauty Fluid under my makeup, but it's not hydrating enough for me and the fragrance irritates my skin. So I definitely need some help in picking out a new cleanser and day time moisturizer. Preferably a cleanser that is fragrance free and doesn't contain Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, and a moisturizer that is fragrance free, has no SPF, no petrolatum or mineral oil, is non-greasy, and won't clog my pores. I'd appreciate any help anyone has to offer! Thanks so much for reading :)
I haven't taken accutane yet, but in the roche "accutane users kit", they include neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer along with blistex lipbalm plus vaseline nasal lubricant...so your derm is likely wrong. If you don't moisturize you're gonna be flaking really badly, plus be much more susceptible to skin infections since you'll be scratching, etc (hence the need for clindamycin, which is actually a poor antibiotic for normal bacterial skin infections).