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[FONT=Lucida Console]i just started accutane this week and i am really really excited. ive tried every topical medication there is, and my face may get better for a little bit, but eventually it just adapts and breaks out again. I've also taken a couple oral medications which help a little bit... but i just want it gone forever! I have medium acne I guess you can say. I've always seen it as terrible acne because it gets red and irritated easily, but its a whole bunch of small pimples not big cystic ones. but im excited for accutane!

1) How many mg's were you taking?
--My doc started me on 20mg and he says we will increase after a little bit
2) How long until you noticed results?
--well i obviously don't know yet, but its the summer time, and college starts back up in 3.5 months and I'm hoping it will look a lot better by then!
3) Did you experience hair loss during treatment?
--shoot, i sure hope that i wont!
4) What moisturizer/cleanser worked best?
--I have a medicated lotion that is special for acne that I use... and I will use it if my face gets dry from accutane because it hasn't irritated my skin in the past. its called clindamycin phosphate lotion.
5) What type of acne did you have?
--medium/bad i guess you could say
6) Did it help remove the red marks or how long did they take to subside?
7) Is the drug as good as it's made to be?
--I sure hope it will be... but im on the generic brand of accutane, cuz it costs about half as much. does anybody know if the generic brand is worse or just the same?[/FONT]