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Mostly what i am posting this thread to do is to tell people what worked for me and give a little optimism as well. I was one of the people who almost never had a breakout. If i would get one pimple i thought it was the end of the world, little did i know that things can always get worse lol it wasnt until i was almost 16 years old that my skin stopped being so managable. I didnt understand why it was happening, and most of all, i hated how i had no control over it, and feeling helpless is the very worst part. No one likes waking up in the morning having to pray that your looks havent gotten any worse. You never appreciate good clear skin until you don't have it anymore, and then its kinda like..why me? i went to the doctors a few times and everything helped a little but nothing seemed to clear completely, however a few months ago i was given clindamycin phosphate and within like 2 days i realized that things just werent showing up anymore. Now i dont worry about new breakouts, and i wake up knowing that there arent going to be any new spots on my face. Its a feeling that only the acne sufferers can relate to. Now i dont have to try to cover anything up with makeup or even wear makeup on my skin at all. To the girls, little did i know that the loose powder i was using for my face probably had a lot to do with keeping my breakouts there. My mom heard that it was bad for skin and i stopped using it which probably is one thing that helped make my skin clear, so pay close attention to what you put on ur face, and on days when you arent gonna go anywhere, dont put make up on it at all. Basically what im saying is i thought for a long long time that my skin would never be the same, and that i would forever have to deal with it. Its just about finding what will work for you :) I know how it feels and i know that sometimes you just want to talk to someone who you can actually relate to. If you have any comments or just want some advice or someone to talk to, [ removed ] reply to this thread! buh-bye