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Jonesy: Go to the natural-acne-treatments.com website and read the detail on the site. It is strange that you could be oily or really oily and would not breakout. My skin is oily.....I am not sure whether it is oily or very oily. All I know is that I can see oil on my pores and when I wipe my face, I can feel the oily texture. We should all get together and produce these oil in a barrel and sell it for US$41.

My skin is acne prone. I have tried Minocycline for 1 and a half year about 4 years ago. Retin-A and Clindamycin topical antibiotic solution. Retin-A and PC BHA 2% screw me up because it irritate me like hell and make me produce more oil. Since I have stopped them, I am still oily. And the sun is my enemy. The sun is like Kryptonite to me as they are to superman. I get even oilier in the sun, even on a mild day. Here in Australia, the sun in the summer is sizzling.

You know sometimes you feel you would breakout the next day when you feel over-saturated. And then the next 2 days, you do breakout. You mentioned that you have tried accutane. Did it work? and was it low dose.

Oily skin makes you look dirty....dirt from the air fly and stick to your face because you are oily. You are like a running gluestick. Your pores gets clogged and you just look abnormal. I also envy those that don't have to shower twice a day, can go anywhere without a worry. I myself have to time my shower or else I get in trouble with breakouts and clogged pores.

And we just saw PJ post that the oil come back after accutane. Must be excessive hormones or something that cause these oil. I remember I use to drink flaxseed oil. That could also be a negative instead of a positive.