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Who here has taken oratane (generic name for accutane). Do they do the same job as others? I suppose they do, don't they. Anyone here take oral antibiotic a few week before accutane to minimise the initial breakout?

It was my first visit to the dermatologist a few days ago. He went through the works and gave me the option to go on this drug because I am 24 and has these so called mild to moderate acne for 6 years. Believe it or not, the first thing I tried with a doctor is minomycin for 1 and a half year. Then Retin-A screwed me for 6 months. Clindamycin work on and off. OTC products such as Paula's Choice BP, BHA, facial mask does the job a little but not completely.

My skin is so sensitive now. Before it was a rock. After all these medication, I am losing skin cells rapidly. I have developed excema on my leg as well during these period. These are not active anymore but the scars are evident.
I first figure my acne was cause by stress from university. Then, after 1 year off uni, I still have them. So that's not the case. Must be the stress I get from acne that is causing it. Acne causing acne if that makes sense.

Any reply appreciated.