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Hi, I am 21 years old and I have had acne since I was 15. When I was 15 I used to use clearasil and then it got worst so I had to see a dermo. I worked my way up to Retin-A micro @ night and twice daily I use Clindamycin Phosphate lotion. My question is when (if i do) do I grow out of acne?? I think I know the cause of my acne and that being excessive oily skin. Unless it's dead winter I will have very oily skin. When I look in the mirror it almost looks like I am sweating in the "t-zone". Is there anyway I can reduce all the oil that is produced on my face?? Also my face always seems to be red. After I shave my face gets red. Is this sensitivity due to all these topical medications over the past 6 years?? Some help please!!