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I have completely made up my mind to go on accutane. I am a 25 male; I've got extremely oil skin. I had acne since I was 12. :-( My face acne started to clear when I was 21. Although, I currently have little or no acne on my face, my back/chest/shoulders/arms is suffering from major scaring from every little acne that breaks out-and there are alot of them. These suckers started lightly-a few bumps here and there. no big deal-when I was 15, but grew worse when my face acne started to clear.

If I wore a long-sleeve shirt, you won't even consider me as someone suffering from acne. I have tried Retin-A, antibiotics pills, Clindamycin phosphate topical gels, RX-benzoyl peroxide cream and Sulfacet-R. I tried all these suckers for months; there was no improvement. Retin-A made a little difference though, but Antibiotics just made them worse. I want to consider changing doctors (This guy is a moron). He doesn't understand that I need to get layed-It's been years, and I am getting really horny. :-)

Crap! I nearly forgot my main question. I have healthcare insurance and I wanted to know if Accutane falls under generic drugs; does it?

I currently have a prescription drug coverage of $10 for generic drugs, $35 (copay) for brand-name drugs after $750 brand-name deductible. There is a doctor visit of 30% of negotiated price. There is $25 fee for periodic health exam, and Labwork/ X-ray is 30% of negotiated price.

BTW, is blood/ liver testing considered Lab work? Thanks