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Thanks for your info. basically that is what the probiotics (primal defense) do that I've been taking just probably not as extreme. The site I purchase my probiotics from has some info on liver flushing and going completely raw. I'm going to try a more intense flush and see how it goes.

I know how you feel about the derm. I hate when they have to examine my skin, I know they do this for a living but I still turn beat red. I've seen quite a few derms and have talked to my family Dr. for years about my acne but I feel like I never get anywhere. I basically research info myself and then go see my family Dr and he basically goes along with what I want to try at this point.
I hate Tazorac as well. My skin could never get used to that stuff, no matter how long I was on it. Right now I use Retin-A Micro the lowest .04% every other night. On the other nights I use Clindamycin gel. I try to avoid moisturizers, they reek havic on my skin. I also really like raw organic apple cidar vinager half water half ACV in the morning sometimes. Well, let me know what your derm says. Good luck!