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Shawn, Ladybr how goes it with you?im still on the differin gel at night.The last time i went to the derm she also prescribed a topical get called clindamycin.Im just sbout over that time of the month,and i had 3 new pimples.Not the big ones tho.So if this is the worse its going to get i can live with that. I could even live with it if it just happenrd that time of the month.At least then ive have 3 wks of clear skin.Hope everything is working ok for you.Let me know how you guys and gals are doing?Take care.
Your so right about the superstition thing ladybr im afraid im going to jinx myself when i say my skin is doing better.Yeah i can see when your using 3 different things how you might wonder which one is the real cause of your acne looking better.Im on 3 things now too.Im tapering off the doxy so soon we'll see if that had anything to do with my face clearing up.Then i will be left with using differin gel at night and clindamycin in the morning.I know the clindamycin didnt have anything to do with the initial clearup cause i started using that at a much later date.I guess the only drawback for me to all this stuff is it can get expensive(thank god for the internet saved me big bucks)and the fact that on these meds your face is sun sensitive.Kinda funny looking when the rest of you is tan and your face is not.Thats about the only gripe i have with these meds,but for me the pros far outweigh the cons.So i can live with it.Wonder how shawns doing ,i was surprised to hear that
(he she)wasnt faring as well with the differin.Keep in touch,remember sunblockkkkkkkkkkkk sunblockkkkkkk sunblockkkkkkk.
Im using the clindamycin gel in the morning and the differin gel at night.Its working pretty good for me except for its taking quite awhile for the red marks to go.are you going to try the topical accutane.Have you ever used accutane the pill kind before.If you decide to take the accutane in pill form,please make sure you get the blood tests as prescribed.And stop taking it right away if you get any adverse symptoms.About 17 yrs ago i was on accutane for about 6 to 9 months.The doctor had to cut my dosage down so he put me on it for a longer period of time.They were having a problem with my cholesterol rising.Good luck on whatever you decide to do .I hope we all find and answer to this scourge.At least i think ive found mine.Im sorry that you havent been so fortunate.Take care.
Well its been about 2 months that ive been on differin gel.I cant complain really.Even tho im not 100 % clear,id say im about 90/% clear.Im at the start of my monthly cycle,and have one very small pimple.We'll see if anymore pop out.When i do get a pimple its not the sore kind anymore,thank goodness.Im using the clindamycin gel in the morning and differin at night.I can live with a pimple from time to time,just not the big painful ones.Glad to hear your doing good Shawn.Hey Ladybr hows it going for you?Keep in touch.Take care. :wave:
I still have a ton of whiteheads on my forehead but the increase seems to have stabilized somewhat. I also hit the three-week mark with Differin - nothing miraculous to report yet.
I was also prescribed Clindamycine, however - my theory is that it helps prevent inflammations. Who knows though.