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okay once again here is my background.. im 14 going into grade 10... i needed to put another post up cuz my derm appt is toady and i need some input urgently... i have tried minocyclin, biaxin, eurethromycin(tortured that name in spelling), clindamycin, etc to no avail... i have tried products such as bp 10%, pro activ, a clindamycin gel thing that i leave on my face all day, cetaphil, numerous neutragena things and other products that i would hope to work.. also take into consideration i have acne only on my face.. i really want to take accutance but i am scared of smoe of the more seirous side effects... i have over a month n a half tell grade 10 and would hope for my acne to be gone.. take into account that my acne isnt horrible... id say its moderate.. i get quite a few smalll bumps which doesnt bother me its when i get big ones or sometimes cysts... please help me out as my derm appt is in 5 hrs *eek* thanks