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I have posted on another thread.I am afraid no one will see it. I have a 16 year old son with a mass on his jaw. He was hospitalized 7/17 and put on high dose antibiotics (rocephin and clindamycin) the mass went down some. he also had a CT scan which the ENT said was a necrotic lymph node and could be a parotid tumor or a possible lymphoma. His PCP believes it is Cat scratch fever and told him to come to his office on 7/30/2004. We went to Dr office he said results were not back and it has been about 4 days for the cat scratch test. He measured his lymph node and it is 6cm. We are to go back on 8/5 to see if it has gone down. My son is still on oral clindamycin 900 mg daily. My questions are these. If it is cat scratch fever would a lymph node get that large? It is not a painful node unless doctors push on it really hard. His appetite is coming back. I don't think he has lost any weight. I cannot sleep at night. it seems we are going in circles.Please let me know what you think I love my son very much and if it is cat scratch fever. Hooray. I will keep you posted. sorry for rambling on