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I am on clindamycin for pericarditis and an ear infection. The directions say not to lie down for a 1/2 hour after taking it. Why would that be? I can't find any info abou this. If I have to take it every 6 hours, ther IS going to be a time after taking it that I would like to lie down!!!

Does anyone know why, or what would happen if I do take it and lie down right after I take it?


Certain drugs, clindamycin being one of them, can cause esophageal irritation and/or damage. Not lying down for about 1/2 is a precaution to make sure the drug gets completely absorbed in the stomach and not allowed to remain or be regurgitated back up into the esophagus.

Other drugs most commonly associated with drug-induced "esophagitis" include potassium chloride, NSAIDs (like Advil), tetracyclines, iron preparations, and Alendronate, which my sister takes for mild osteoporosis. She too has been told not to lie down for about 1/2 hour after taking this.

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I was just placed on Clindamycin by my ENT for enlarged lymph nodes under my jaw. I am taking 300 mg/every 8 hours for 10 days. I was also told to take Acidophilus twice a day while I am taking the Clindamycin as it is supposed to help protect the intestinal tract as Clindamycin can cause some type of colitis.