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I have had 4 swollen lymph nodes under my jaw for about 3 weeks. My first ENT said he really felt nothing but put me on a Z-pack for 5 days with no relief. Then went to my PCP who felt nothing. THen went to my rheumatologist who felt the nodes but could do nothing. THen I went to another ENT who did feel them (actually put a gloved hand in my mouth and pressed down under my tongue so he can get a better feel). Said before he would send me for MRI he put me on 10 days of 900 mg/day Clindamycin plus acidophilus. The area under my jaw hurts (altho the nodes themselves do not hurt). I have pain all along the right side of my face (jaw bone, right temple) to the top of my head on the right side (nodes on the right side as well)
I also had xrays of my lower and upper teeth on the right side and there is no abscess or anything significant.
One of my main questions is>>> is it better to have a growth that is mobile or immobile? i am unable to grasp the node and move it around so i am not sure if this is a good sign or not.
thanks for any ideas.