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I don't know what is wrong with me really so I'm posting this in several sections that I think may be related to my problem! My problem has to do with my throat so it may be any number of things, including lyphoma or throat cancer or thyroid trouble, etc...
This message consists of an initial post and an update a month later, so bear with me!
Nov. 22-
I've been experiencing swelling of the right side of my lower throat (adam's apple and below) along with pain for the better part of 2 months now, along with fatigue and a rapid heartbeat. Not a typical sore throat pain, more like a muscular type ache that was making it very painful to swallow. It doesn't hurt to swallow food or drink, only when clearing my throat and dry swallows.
Within the last few days the pain has settled in a lump (or structure?) about a half an inch directly above the crest of my adam's apple. It no longer hurts to swallow, but the soreness along the right side continues, right down the ligament or whatever the raised ridge is that connects down to the right portion of my collar bone.
Last week I had 3 blood tests done, one for thyroid function, one for white blood cell count, and a general metabolic function.
All came back negative. My doctor doesn't seem overly concerned about any of my symptoms, and has prescribed me amoxycillin.
I thought this was very odd, since according to my blood tests, I don't have an infection.
I'm very concerned... and not very pleased with my doctor's lack of interest.
Could anyone tell me if there is actually some sort of small pea sized structure about 1/2" above the adam's apple? I don't know if I only noticed it was there because it's painful, or if it is a growth of some sort.
thank you

THEN Dec. 29-
The amoxycyllin didn't do anything at all. The small lump is still there but no longer hurts. Since I posted the first part, I've visited an ear nose and throat specialist. He gave me a very quick exam of my throat by poking his fingers in there and using a tiny mirror, and made an initial diagnosis of possible toncillitis in my right tonsil, and dysphagea. (no idea what that is) He prescribed me a much stronger (and much more expensive I might add) antibiotic: clindamycin hcl.
I'm on my last day of that medication now, and it has done absolutely nothing for my throat but has messed up my digestive system though. I'm not supposed to go back to him til the 22nd, but I think I should call him much sooner! He was going to do a "barium swallow" test, but decided against it. Do you think that might be a wise course of action? I'm afraid the longer I go, the more serious this condition could get!

I don't see how it could be toncillitis when I have no pain at all in the upper throat, it's all down below the adams apple... It doesn't really hurt when I swallow much but it does hurt (in the same spots I mentioned before, to the right of the adam's apple and down along the tendon to my collarbone) when I yawn and blow my nose. Also that portion of my throat feels extremely dried out much of the time, even if I am breathing through my nose, which I thought was very odd! Nothing I do seems to make it feel moist, not chewing gum or even drinking quarts of water at a time.

Actually the very first symptoms I had were back in late august and early september, and at that point I thought I had a strained neck because it hurt intensely to move my head to the left, so much so that I couldn't go golfing a few times. That passed slowly then changed to the pain swallowing, then to the kind of persistent pain described above. Also (I think it's) the lymph node on the side of my neck (2-3 inches below my ear) is swollen because I can't even feel the one on the other unaffected side. I also have a throbbing pain in it once in a while but not often. The pain to right of my adams apple is pretty persistent and is almost like a stinging or weird sensation, it's hard to describe because I have never felt anything like it before. It has never hurt to swallow food or drink though, only when I clear my throat and swallow.
I hate to say this but I'm afraid I might have lymphoma or throat cancer or something very serious and I'm afraid I'm being misdiagnosed seriously!!
I'm pretty scared at this point and not sure what to do! Especially since I have no medical insurance and I'm paying out of pocket for all this...
Any thoughts???
I'm open to any and all suggestions!