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I was diagnosed with a cellulitis last week. It had already been hurting from a week, and was most likely from my son biting me around the cuticles on my thumb and forefinger.

Since I only see OB's due to pregnancy, they didn't really take it seriously, because it didn't look that bad. I had no visible abcesses, swelling was moderate, red streaking was hard to see, etc. They prescribed me a mild antibiotic which did nothing. The pain kept increasing and moved into my wrist, I began losing function of my thumb joints, etc. When I would call they would tell me to "give the antibiotics ONE more day" and not to come in. Well by Sunday the pain and swelling was much worse and I had been on the AB's since Wednesday. I went in and the doctor on call examined my hand and ordered an Xray immediately. No infection in the bone, but my thumb joints and connective tissues were definitely involved at this point. They put me on a mega antibiotic (Clindamycin) and I began to improve within 24 hours. It was probably a resistant bacteria.....

Anyway, I have been on this AB for a couple days and have seen 50 percent improvement. However, I still have arthritic type joint pain in my thumb, wrist, and some loss of function. My wrist also pops and crackles every time I move it. I have read some scary things about permanent joint damage from infections. Does anyone know anything about this?