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Hi everyone,,Here's my dillema,In Sept.2002 I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis that settled in my L-3-4 disc and was eating away the bones between the other lumbar discs,I apparently contracted the disease from a discogram (6-02)because of problem with L-4-5 and L-5-S-1 discs ( herniated,torn ,leaking). I had culture show that gemella haemolysans bacteria was responsible and was put on IV Rocephin for 6 weeks. In Nov. 02 my blood levels were again elevated, Docs decided to remove infected disc L-3-4 and fuse aand do debridement in Dec. 02. Went home 12-26-02 on IV Cleocin for 9 more weeks,then to oral Clindamycin until last Wed. 7-2-03, still my sed rate is 49,should be betweem 0-15. I was told to quit antibiotics to see if infection worsens. Doc blames cronic infection on rare bacteria (gemella haemolysans) and not sure which antibiotic will kill it. I had an allergic reaction to pennicillian when I was young, (rash only) and I think this is also hindering the agressive treatment plan. The pain is severe,under control with methadone,and still no fusion starting. Has anyone dealt with this bacteria sucsessfuly or not that may give me some insight into this cronic infection situation? It's coming up on a year and I'm very discoraged!!!!Thanks for listening and the message board for its wonderful service. Rick