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I'm a 31 y'o female.

I developed fungal nails on 4 toes on right foot. Had for @8 months then swelling and redness (but no pain) in second toe. About 3 weeks later, swelling and redness and little pain in 1st toe. Saw podiatrist who put me on antibiotic and fungal cream. Swelling did not decrease. More antibiotics...nothing. Saw different podiatrist who suspected arthritis but had MRI done and showed osteomyelitis. Had biopsy of bones in both toes. Came back chronic bone infection but no pathology. It's been a month and nothing has grown on the bone cultures.

I am being treated with Zyvox (new anti biotic). No real progress....sedimentation rate still 2x normal after 3 weeks.

No one seems to have answers to what is causing the bone infection. Is this normal?? Does anyone have any history of bone infections with undetermined pathology? The podiatrist said my bone was pretty healthy - had to break pieces off as opposed to the bone being "mushy".

I am not diabetic. I did have about 2 years of recurring staph infections on my legs. Each outbreak was treated with Clindamycin successfully. Hadn't had a staph infection for about 1 year prior to developing fungal nails. Other than that, pretty healthy.

Just looking for alternate opinions as my podiatrist and infectious disease doctor are as baffled as I am...