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Hi All,

I am in desperate help here. We have been to a few clinic doctors and they say stuff that doesnt make sense. My friend who is 14 (Female) has little red blotches on her legs mostly, which is VERY itchy and inturn, She scractches it so much she bleeds! Her legs are covered in huge scabs. It looks like she fell off a bike n got road rash. She feels its eczema which i havent looked into yet to see if it could be that, but a "doctor" said she has acne on her legs? She has it on her upper arms too. Her skin can get very dry in these areas too. What could it be? They put her on Clindamycin phosphate and some pills that she has to take 3 times a day for 10 days and its been 10 days and it doesnt seem to be working. She has had this condition for over 3 years. She has scars from all the sractching/scabs...Anything we can do? Suggestions? Thank You