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I'm 22 and honestly just can't take it anymore. I've had acne for 4 years and was actually clear for a little while when I was using tretinoin (generic retin-a) and topical erythromycin, I also started a birth control pill.

As time went by I stopped the treatments and eventually even the pill, and BAM- all back even worse. Before I just had it on my forehead, now it's mostly on the sides of my cheeks but I have some ALL over- even little tiny bumps and blackheads on my nose.

I tried going back on tretinoin and erythromycin but it was as if I was immune to it. So I got topical clindamycin and in two- almost three months it has done nothing. I also got back on the pill which is almost 2 months up. No improvement, but I think the pill will eventually help but it takes at least three months for it to kick in.

Basically, I need a plan. I'm going to take my no insurance having butt and see a dermatologist. However, I was wondering if you guys had any tips for me. Since I'm paying a lot for this visit how do I get the most out of it? How do I find the right Dermatologist.

Also, if you have any great or horrible things to say about Dermatologists you've seen, go for it! I don't know what to expect.

Thank you.