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After using clindamycin for months and nothing I decided that my acne is simly not bacterial. Also, retin-a which strips your outer skin layers has been the only thing that ever worked for me. So... my acne is because my skin cells shed way too fast and clog my pores which breaks me out.

Since retin-a wont work anymore I read about salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide like antibiotics triggers bacteria so I figured that it wouldn't help as much either. Sure enough salicylic acid is good for clearing up skin cells that are shedding too quickly. In addition, we all know that the reason why the aspirin mask works is because it's related to salicylic acid.

I used the mask before but with water and it didn't do much. I decided to get some 2% salicylic acid pads and witch hazel. I now use the pads whenever I wakeup or after working out after washing my face. I use the witch hazel instead of water for the mask- and this is every night. I have seen AMAZING results so far! It's wonderful!!!

I also started being careful around the sun because the rays also promote skin cells shedding- which I'm convinced is the cause of my acne.

I'm so incredibly pleased with the results- I've even stopped wearing makeup. Although my makeup wasn't pore clogging it's still helpful to not wear any at all anyway.

My advice, look at what worked and what hasn't. If antibiotics have worked for you before I suggest the clear skin regimen or proactiv which are both based on benzoyl peroxide. If retin-a or something similar worked and you find yourself breaking out more after getting some sun- your problem might just be skin cells clogging up your pores.

Aspirin mask with witch hazel
noxzema 2% salicylic acid pads (although Biore has a toner with salicylic acid I'd try too)
not wearing makeup anymore!
spf oil-free coppertone
the pill (just finished month 2, so I dont completely think that the pill is even helping my skin yet)

Good Luck!