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Well I would like to begin that I was in perfect health until I was prescribed antibiotics for an infected tooth by my dentist. Anyway, my symptoms have included loose bowel movements, off and on burning like sensations on urination, raging yeast infections, weird pains in my abdomen (upper and lower), aches and pains in my arms and legs. The loose movements have stopped, but the other symptoms have been magnified by about 20, oh and the antibiotic I was on was called Clindamycin and it's a broad spectrum antibiotic. I have read that it basically destroys all of the bacteria in your body, good and bad. I finished taking it a month ago and I am wondering just how long does it take to get out of your system or how long before my health goes back to normal? I feel miserable and I don't really have the money to go to the doctor right now. Is there something I can do to get back to normal? Thanks in advance.