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I chuckled when I read your note. When my husband was in agony, covered with painful rash from Panitumumab, and the research team said his dose had to be increased, to which his doctor refused resulting in his dismissal from the trial receiving Panitumumab, he was mad at his doctor. As much as the panitumumab was hurting him, he wanted to keep receiving it! The trial was to see if Panitumumab could be first line treatment with FOLFOX and Avastin which was probably an overload of drugs and targeted therapy. Now, his doctor said he may even receive it in the future as a single agent combined with maybe one other drug- similar to what you are doing. Hang in there, since Panitumumab is now FDA approved, perhaps you can stay on it and they can reduce the dose a bit for a round or two. My husband is doing much better with Erbitux and Irinotecan but is still covered with rash all over his chest, back, with some pustules on his arms, some scabs on his scalp. Have they tried giving you a systemic antibiotic yet? Doxycline or my husband is on Clindamycin HCL 300 mg, 1 tab per day. Remember the worse the rash, the better the drug is working. We just heard this again from an oncologist at Dana Farber Institute in Boston. It's a battle but keep fighting - we heard there are many new Phase 1 drugs now being tested and at Dana Farber, a few drugs are headed to Phase 2 trials. If the only mets you have are in the liver, there are also trials being done with hepatic pumps with new drugs that are looking promising, and at NIH in Bethesda, work is being done with isolated liver perfusions. I keep encouraging my husband to hang in there, there is so much research being done - stage IV colon cancer will just be a chronic illness someday and that may be sooner than we all think. Good luck, you're not alone in your battle.