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I got news for you.
Your derm sounds like an idiot.
First, I dont like any cleanser with benzol peroxide.
BP just breaks me out.
2nd, I tried using the Clindamycin Phosphate medicated pads 3 years ago.
Holy Moly did this burn my face skin.
That was the worst product along with using anything that had BP in it.

My advice to you is, either take Accutaine or Doxycyline.
Doxycycline has been the holy grail for me.
I had bad acne and this totally cleared me.
I even had bad body acne and this cleared me.
I have some redmarks on my body, when the body acne went down.
I'm using a 10% AHA lotion to see how that works on it.
But please get a new Derm.
Get either Doxycycline or Accutaine.
If you get Doxycycline, get the 100MG
Just remember dont take it on an empty stomach.
It takes about 2 to 3 days for your body to get used to it.