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You should have seen my face two years ago. I had cysts and nodules, that turned into black scabs. I was treated with Clindamycin, and minocycline. The real change happened when I started using Mario Badescu. Those are the best products on the market. The problem with those famous products on TV is that they irritate your skin, Mario's are soothing. For makeup, the only product that I allow to touch my face is a brand of mineral makeup called Herbs of Grace and also Zia. I get them online and all of them come in generous sizes that last for a while. You should also consider using natural hair products that you can find at health stores. I find that if I use regular hair products or heavy serums I get "horns" all over my scalp and breakout on my face. I still get small occasional breakouts due to monthly changes, but I guess that my problem is under control. I can even use moisturizer now. The makeup wouldn't apply in your case, but Mario Badescu products are unisex.

Also, eliminate soda from your diet. If I drink soda I find that my sking looks congested and get breakouts. Soy products are also bad for your skin and thyroid if you are sensitive to them. I know it is hard but a healthy face is worth the sacrifice. :bouncing: