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So I went to see this derm today hoping she would listen to my skin woes....she asked me the medications ive taken before...I told her Ive used benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, clindamycin, differin, tetracyclin etc etc. She then prescribed me DUAC and Differin!!! I was so mad that she still prescribed me Differin since I told her that Ive already used it and when I got home I looked up Duac and it turned out Duac is just clindamycin in another form! UGH im so mad right now that Im on the verge of crying because Ive waited so long to see a derm only to get prescribed again by the same medication.
I feel like she didnt take my acne seriously at all and the consultation only took her like 3-5 mins. ***??? IM SO FRUSTRATED and I already went to my pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled up! I cant take it all back!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH!!!! This is such a waste of time and money!