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Hey everyone!! Well, I finally went to the dermatologist today, and she prescribed the following topicals:

- Evoclin foam, 1% (clindamycin phosphate)
- Finacea Gel, 15% (azelaic acid)
- Differin Gel, .1% (adapelene gel)

I am going to start with just one (not sure yet which) and then possibly add another after a week or so. I'd be interested to hear people's experiences with any of these topical treatments.

Oh, and she also recommended Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers-- "We swear by Cetaphil," to quote her exact wrods. :)
A couple of years ago I went a derm be/c of the uneven tone (even color). I tanned ALOT! and was getting the fungus crap on my face bt the time didn't know what it was.. the tanning salon would tell me to use wipe out (gel for face) and selsun blue, but they told me to put it on the spots which after don't research along time after that I read that I have to actually use iit as shampoo (the salons don't realize this). So anyway b4 I found out that's why I went to the derm plus I would get cysts doing my period (one or two). So he gave me Clindamycin in the am and differ at night and I had to stop tanning :( But i did and my face was clear!Really! My face wasn't really bad but it was never clear either until this derm visit...... Then I started tanning again after awhile (like months for like forever) and using the differin at night was just drying my face out too much with tanning you know. Like I said my face wasn't really that bad (i didn't have alot) but the type of acne I had was servere. So my face was fine until now.... and it is all do to my switch in birth control pill. Alesse sux!! for me anyway. In October I started taking alesse be/c my old one was making my very dry, so i tool it for a month then my boyfriend and I broke up so i didn't really need it lol, be/c I don't have insurance so if i didn't need it and didn't have the money for it then I just didn't get it...... Sorry In a couple mins I will finish lol I have to take my mom to her friends house to watch big brother lol she doesn't drive. Brb