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My dermatologist prescribed me a topical antibiotic (clindamycin), but I am afraid to start using it, because I'm worried the bacteria will eventually build up a resistance to it and render it ineffective, leaving my skin worse of in the end...

Does anyone have any experience with this/ and or know anything?
I was on clindamycin for a couple years along with differin and it worked great! I used the clinda in the morning and differin at night. But I think the main reason I caleared up was be/c I topped tanning and the differin. Be/c I ended up tanning again after awhile and couldn't use the differin be/c the tanning made my face to dry was I used the differin. But my face did get bad oor anything until recently due to birth control. I just recently stopped using the clinda be/c well really I don't know why??? I switched derms and he just gave me bp wash that I can't use be/c it drys me out too much and klaron lotion which I do like.