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I'm on clindamycin, which is the main ingredient in ClindaTech. I just did some research on ClindaTech and I read that it may take 2 to 6 weeks to notice results, but in some patients it takes 8 or more weeks. I only just started the clindamycin yesterday so I have no clue how it will work. I'd say give it some time to work. Don't get discouraged too soon.
Oh! Thanks for that. :)

I found it hard to find any information on it. I was just going by what the chemist said.

I just missed two doses though. :eek:

It is not very nice stuff. It smells horrible... but if it works, it's worth it.

Hope it works for you.

Perhaps you can help with another question I have - do you only need to use Clindamycin once? i.e. will I need to go back to the doctor for another prescription, or should it be cured after this bottle ends?
I'm not currently on Clindamycin but i figured id reply for you guys just because My derm prescribed Clindamycin Phosphate Gel like two+ years ago and i didnt even use it for like 2 weeks because i had never heard anything about anything called clindamycin and figured it was a waste, then when i finally used it it stopped my breakouts immediately. I didnt have severe acne, just the pimple or two on my forhead every day and acne on my back, and though i didnt use it for my back, it kept my face clear and in check for i'd say almost a year. Your body builds up resistance to it after a while and the anti-bacterial part of it doesnt work anymore. Since i had never heard of that before and had never ever used it i think thats why it worked so well, it killed the bacteria that caused my acne like crazy. I'd definitely wait a while to see if it worked and give it a try. I went to the derm for probably 4 years and out of alllll the stuff i have tried, Clindamycin Phosphate was my favorite, it never dried me out and just improved the overall look of my skin. But i should probably mention that ive heard some people dont have as good of results when they have it in lotion or foam form, i had the gel, and when i used the foam and lotion later on, it didnt work as well, but that might be because i had it before, but since people have also said that, maybe if these dont work you should try it in a different form. Hope i helped at all! Sorry about the long post, i always try to inform about things that actually have worked for me. Good Luck!
Actually, the ProActiv may be a good addition to the clinda. I also have read that benzoil peroxide is a really good addition to clindamycin and speeds up healing. I guess the two working together is a good combo.

My doc prescribed it for a full year. I'd give the doc a call and see if he can refill the script for you. I'd really recommend using it twice a day (or as prescribed) and give it a solid 8 weeks before you give up on it. If it's not making your acne worse, it's not hurting anything, and some people just take longer to respond.

Clindamycin smells baaaaaad though doesn't it?