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Hey everyone. Just was prescribed topical clindamycin yesterday. Has anyone used this? According to ****pedia, it's used for severe acne. I don't think I'm "severe," I have about 2-3 cysts at any given time on my chin. But I'd be interested to know if anyone has had success with this, what side effects there were (is it really drying, etc), will it help with blackheads, etc. The doctor just said it would work well for me when I asked him to prescribe something topical for my acne. He didn't give me any specifics.
i think me and you both write in the same posts about clindamycin, where ive said what i thought of it. so good luck!
i have used clindamycin before and personally for me did not help with the cystic acne. it cleared up my blackheads within a week, but the larger, cystic pimples remained and kept coming. but this may be because i had a "crater face" and the cysts were all over the place. maybe with yours being primarily on your chin you will have better results!

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ps- i am now virtually acne free thanks to Tazorac .1% cream after a 10 year struggle with every prescription product imaginable! the cream cleared it up within 2 weeks and continues to smooth out my acne scars day after day! if clindamycin does not work i highly recommend Tazorac!