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Retin-a Micro dried my skin out so severely that my derm took me off of it after like 4 weeks, which is odd because i have really tough skin(i used BP while on accutane with no irritation), but anyways maybe i had a bad reaction. I've a couple of people that have said it works well though, so id ask for it. I had the best results from Clindamycin Phosphate Gel, it was my absolute favorite and if youve never used clindamycin before id say definitely give it a try because it may kill acne bacteria that BP cant. Or maybe ask for Duac, since its a combination of clindamycin and BP. Hope you find something that works!
I'm on day 3 of clindamycin pads (like the oxy pads or clearasil pads) and I'm noticing a difference already. The cysts are still there but 1 is definitely way smaller (way faster than normal). The other 2 are not growing, which is unusual for me. So I'm pleased. Especially considering I've only used it 5 times! No dryness yet either, and I dry quickly from products.