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It happened to me recently, actually last May. I just turned 40 last year, Ive had a nice skin in my teens even in my 20-30's. Then, in May I had clusters of whiteheads along my jawline. I bought products from Murad, Peter Roth Thomas, Origins, Pro Activ. After using all these acne products my whiteheads turned into severe cystic acne left and right. Until last August I've decided to go to a dermatologist. He prescribed me tetracycline and clindamycin topical solution. It cleared my face from cystic acne (which are really stubborn ones and takes months to heal) though I get small pimples (not the painful ones anymore) they just last for few days and doesnt leave dark/red marks on my face that much unlike the cystic scars -they are still here. Luckily, I have only the red marks but not the deep/permanents ones. I guess you need to take antibiotics because it worked for me like 85%. Now my pimples are manageable though my face hasnt cleared totally. I stopped applying salicylic acid on my face. I just wash my face w/ cetaphil gentle cleanser, neutrogena spf15 oil free moisturizer or mario badescu oil free moisturizer, then apply clindamycin at the end am and pm, I just bought this am Neutrogena multivitamins spf15. I went back to basics, no pricey products instead I spend my money on facials (w/ extraction) once a month.
Hope this would help. Good luck!