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It's a combo of clindamycin and trentinoin. I'm my dermatologist's first patient on it :eek: and I think he gave it to me because he had literally JUST met with the rep. So far I like it. It took my from using erythramycin twice a day, plus differin once a day to using this once a day, plus my dyacin pill once a day. It is a bit more convenient. It feels like baby oil to put it in. It's a tad scary being your dermatologist's first patient on something though. The nurse was all like, "If anything weird happens, call us." Ok then... Plus, it's hard to find. I did a search on my insurance's prescription website, and they had nothing on it. Neither did a few other pharmacy websites. I am using samples right now, but when the time comes for me to buy some, I count on it being costly.