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Hi everyone - I am a 43 yr old female with what I would call mild to moderate cystic acne. I ahve had acne since my teen years to varying degrees - smetimes just a little and other times a lot. I started seeing a derm last year and she put me on Clindamycin (sp?) in the am and retin a at night(first the creme then the gel). I find if I follow this regimen my skin gets really dry, flaky and uncomfortable so I end up using these meds every other day. Like I said my face I have some pimples and others are hard cysts under the skin that take a long time to go away and I do have some scars as well. I also have somewhat large pores on my face. At my last check up (last week) she rec. accutane and I said that I thought it was pretty controversial and I'm not so sure. She said it has been around 25 years and is a "miracle" drug and then talked to me about the Ipledge thing and using 2 forms of birth control, etc. Anyway I took a pregnancy test and am sched in March to go back for another test and then start taking the accutane. My reluctance is possible side effects (liver, cholesteral, vision, etc.) I have read tons on the web but I don;t know what the statistics are for bad side effects (for example. less than 1 % have liver issues??). I would feel better if I knew what the statistics are for people who have bad side effects.

It sounds like it is beenficial for a lot of people and I would love not to have acne anymore. On the other hand I can live with some acne but not with a damaged liver, etc. As an aside I am in excellent health - excellent blood pressure, cholesterol, don't drink, good weight, quit smoking (6 weeks ago!) and I exercise! Thanks for any opinions or advice. Maureen