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I was on Retin A Micro from March '06 to this past January. The results were great, but just like you my face never really adapted to it. Each month I would have dry, cracked and sometimes flaky skin. Even though it was clear, the flakes started to bother me big time.

I know you asked about a face wash, but I was going to suggest Ziana if possibly you wanted to try another med. I've been using that since January and it doesn't make you peel at all like the Micro does. It is a gel that goes on very smooth and it contains clindamycin and trentinoin (which is what the micro contains) but is less harsh on the skin.

Hopefully you will find a face wash that works for you, but if all else fails give the Ziana a shot.
Gee the problem you were having with retin-a micro sounds exactly whats happening to me.What i dont understand is why it cleared my skin with minimal peeling for a long time,but just recently its started to be red almost like burn spots.I put it all over my chin.For a long time i didnt even have to wear moisturizer.I guess one of the reasons im afraid to try something else, is because either it might not work as well,or im going to have to go thru and initial breakout period.Im petrified of that.Thanks for your advice,maybe i will talk to my derm about it.Oh also what kind of acne did you have?I had cystic but not alot of them,but enough to freak me out.Take care.P.s i also forgot to mention i use clindamycin gel in the morning.