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[QUOTE=tlhalabama;3026801]I am a 40 year old female. For the past couple of years, I have been experiencing bad breakouts on my neck and jawline. This bumps, pimples, or whatever are hard, huge, painful and embarrassing.

I had read somewhere that taking Evening Primrose Oil would help. I have been taking this for about 3 months. It worked for about 1 week and now the breakouts are just as bad as before.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi there! I never had severe/cystic pimples in my life not until I turned almost 40 years old. I experienced it last year, to be exact May 2006. I had bad cystic pimples (hard and painful). You need to take antibiotics like what I did, I took Tetracycline 500 mg 2x/day for 3 mos. It really stopped and made my pimples less painful and infected until they were totally gone by December 2006. I started taking the pills in August-November. Then I applied Clindamycin solution w/ it. I stopped using these salicylic based acne products, specifically Murad - it burned my skin and made it worse.

Ever since I just had a simple regimen-

Cetaphyl- cleanser
Oil free moisturizer- I use Oil of Olay (total effects)7x anti aging (good one!)
Mario Badescu drying lotion- apply on pimples only (very effective)

am- total effects oil of olay 7x anti aging - w/ SPF15 (UV PROTECTION)
2x/week- whitening mask by Mario Badescu or Origins sulfur mask
Im 95% clear now- no more cystic pimples since last year- only tiny ones which i get before/during my period-my red marks are almost gone-I didnot use any scar products except whitening mask

note: Make sure you use a good shampoo- once I used a shampoo that gave me small pimples all over my hairline- I use Tresemme/Clairol Herbal essence/Kanebo naive shampoo fr Japan