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Have mild to moderate acne? These are thing you must do in your lifestyle to significantly minimize your acne. I’ll first talk about diet, exercise, and then hygiene. If you follow this routine I can almost 95% guarantee this will reduce your acne extensively, however this takes a MAJOR DEDICATION, surrender to foods, and commitment. Any slip-ups will drastically change the promising outcome. So you just have to make it a routine!

[SIZE="5"][SIZE="6"]Food you CANNOT Eat:
• All dairy food (milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc.)
• All Wheat products (bread, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast bars, etc.)
• ELIMINATE FASTFOOD COMPLETELY. Even salads are bad because of cheese, bacon, croutons & salad dressing.
• All sweets (candy, cake, donuts, muffins, etc.) HIGH SUGAR Foods
• All SODA, apple juice, grape juice, energy drinks etc. HIGH SUGAR
• Salty Foods (all chips, peanuts, etc)
• Cereal, white rice, white bread, (most bakery items)
• SPICY FOOD (Mexican food)

So you are thinking “that’s everything, what am I suppose to eat?”

[SIZE="6"]Food you CAN EAT and should EAT:

• Heavy on fruits (melons, peaches, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, apples, pears, bananas, etc.) DAILY!!!!
• Heavy on Vegetables (dark and light green leaves, CARROTS, celery, etc.) DAILY!!!!
• Take Multi-Vitamin, 3000+ of Fish Oil , 400+ MG of Magnesium Daily (works well with fish oil)
• MUST DRINK at least 8-10 glasses of water daily (80 oz daily)VERY IMPORTANT
• Beans & rice (not refried beans, brown rice ok)
• Meat (Lean Beef, pork chops, turkey, etc.) NOT BACON or SAUSAGE (HIGH TRANS FAT)
• Protein Mix (use with OJ)
• Orange Juice (Tropicana seems to be best)
• Raw meals that are made from scratch

It’s a must you do physical activity that makes you sweat, breathe hard, and make your heart beat fast everyday. Must do this 6-7 days a week for at least 45mins-1 hour.
Why? Exercise opens your pores and sweat cleans out your pores. Also, exercise really helps reducing stress, which is a big factor to acne. MAKE SURE you wash your face immediately after your done working out because a sweaty face when it dries will clog pores. Once again I’m not talking about exercise where you don’t feel very tired after, exercise where you worked hard and really cleared your mind.

• Change Pillow Case at least every two days (so buy a lot!)
• Make sure cell phones, shaver, etc., are always clean when you put near face)
• Change bed sheets at least once a week
• Wash face at least 3 times a day if oily and use moisturize right after.
• Use Retina Micro at night, Clindamycin gel/bp in day on spots only.
• If face is oily use original Anti-bacterial soap at least twice a day. Don’t use scents!
• Make sure laundry detergent has no extra scents!! Just get original no scent.
• Use an anti-dandruff shampoo daily! (head & shoulders original works fine)
If you follow this I promise you, you will see a major bearable difference. I’m not saying it will eliminate acne, but it will make it 20 times better.