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Your story is very similar to mine,except im 50.Since my early 20s ive have problems with cystic acne.I was put on accutane it worked beautifully for about 3 yrs.Then the acne slowly started up again.I been fighting a losing battle ever since.Ive been on a myriad of antibiotics which dont seem to work to well for me.Sometimes they stop the pimples from getting larger,but they never deal with the blocked pore issue.Ive been on clindamycin gel,differin cream and retin-a micro.The retin-a micro worked the longest for me,and i had thought id found my cure.But after awhile it started to burn and peel my skin over and over.Leaving reddish burn patches.My skin cracked,got so bad i thought the the burns were worse then the acne so i quit it.Right now on on clindamycin gel and doxycycline.Seemed like it was working but it still didnt unblock the clogged pores.When yiu pull your skin tight youi can see a flat small whitehead.Which then against your better judgement you squeeze ,and wala you got a big sore one.We're in our 50s now ,you think we'd be getting wrinkles now instead of acne.I guess im kinda resigning myself that i wont get rid of the acne till im dead.Lucky us huh?Take care.:blob_fire