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I have had mild acne all my life. It never actually got to the point of being anything worse, and even though I may have been breaking out a lot, they were always small blemishes in clusters -- more so near my cheek bones as an adult. I have been controlling my skin with Prascion, Clindamycin and Differin -- however, my derm wants me on Accutane since I have had this for so long. I am going to ask for Spiro before I jump into accutane, as I really want to exhaust my options.

However, I don't know what is up with me. I have normal skin, not even combo, just normal. I haven't known anyone with normal skin who had acne. It has been getting to the point where I don't even know how to narrow down what the cause is. It doesn't seem like there is one at all. I have read that people with oily skin are the ones with hormonal acne , but then I don't understand what is up with me? I only started getting worse breakouts at 16 when my period started going haywire and I had severe cramps, fevers, etc. It was not a fun time. Maybe I am just reading into it too much, but I'd really like to start finding out what it can and cannot be.

Eh, it was just a vent, but thanks for listening!