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I feel you're pain...i'm 23 years old and missing lots of teeth due to genetics. What was your experience with the sinus lift and the implants? I'm getting a sinus lift done soon with 3 to 4 implants done on the top, and am ridiculous nervous and scared...my dentist said i could get the sinus lift done on a friday and be back at work monday wearing my partial (i currently wear a partial, and he said this all did depend on swelling)...what was your experience?

its not easy but its not horrible either..i get really swollen after the procedures ..ice for 24 hours and then moist heat until the swelling subsides..i didn't have alot of pain and only took extra strength tylenol..im on clindamycin three times a day which dentists love to prescribe because its one of the only drugs that will kill all the bacteria in the surgical site. this past tuesday i had five implants ,two bonegrafts and one extraction..it took one and a half hours.he had to place my upper temp bridge back again so all of the small details took extra time. i have had tons of work in one year and the worst is over..never thought i could do it ! i still need to get my implant teeth and caps within the next year. once you make the commitment it becomes alot easier to deal with..don't be afraid because you are only going to have teeth back again and not worry about partials which i could not adjust to..when are you going in?