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Okay, let me start off by saying that prior to 2 1/2 months ago, i was perfectly healthy. Well, now that is not the case as all the docs dont seem to know what is up with me.

I had to go to the ER June 29th with palpitations. Since then, my blood pressure has been high and cannot come down with out medication.

since then, I also have bouts of extreme anxiety and cant sit still.
(docs suspect thyroid or endocrine tumor of some sort.)

ALSO, i had to have a endoscopy and they diagnosed me with gastritis and duodenitis. All which has become under control.

We are thinking my hormones went out of whack, causing a sudden elevation of blood pressure and bad anxiety. In fact, tomorrow i have a meeting with my endocrinologist to hopefully find an answer within some results in a battery of tests they took last week on me(blood and urine) Maybe we can fix this nightmare.

ANYWAYS... on with the dental story...

The past month or so, i have had some cavities.. Well, i now have one that appears to be infected...

I made an appt with our dentist and met with him on Monday. I get some xrays of the area in question...it turns out that I have periodontitis and i have a cavity that apparently has an abscess.

I need a root canal, crown and a filling on another tooth.

I say ok, the doc numbs the gumb, injects novacain and we wait a few mins for it to numb up.

He asks if I would like nitrous, (as I have always had gas before in all of my previous dental procedures) I say sure.

They hook me up, give me some oxygen. Then the assistant turns on the gas.

I begin to take a few breaths... then I start getting cold. I took a few more breaths and began freezine. My heart began racing. It wasnt really pounding, just beating really fast.

I was so cold, my teeth were chattering.. I took off the mask and sat up...

The dentist, the assistant and my wife saw that i went completely pale.

He gave me a script for clindamycin and loritab and i opted to continue the procedure another time after we get my results from the endocrinologist.

I had looked up and saw that nitrous causes a drop in blood pressure.

Now my question is, could the nitrous and my blood pressure meds have caused too much of a drop that gave me hypotension? It was such a scary feeling.

Typically with my blood pressure meds alone, i range about 120/60 to 140/90.
Being that i was anxious about the procedure, i wouldnt expect that my BP at the time was at its lowest.

Anyone have any experiences or insight? Thanks