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well I just spent the last 30 - 40min reading this thread and decided to register and post myself.

I've had moderate acne on my face (all over, checks, chin, forehead, ect) since about the age of 13, I'm 20 now, so for the past 7 years or so I've tired everything under the sun to treat it. Nothing worked.

Seeing how upset and frustrated I was getting my grandparents decided it was time I saw a dermatologist. For the first 3 or 4 months my dermatologist had me on Doxycycline (100mg) once daily and Clindamycin phosphate lotion for the day time and it helped dramatically, yet the acne is not completely gone.

At my last appointment (1.5 weeks ago) he took me off the Doxycycline and has added Triaz (6% benzoyl peroxcide) and Ziana (Clindamycin 1.2%, tretinoin 0.025%) to the regimen aswell as keeping the Clindamycin phosphate lotion for use during he day. And for the past week and a half nothing had really changed and that familiar feeling of frustration is beginning to set in again.

I was up all night thinking about how much I cant stand my face and what I could do about. Then I stumbled upon this site and eventually this thread and after reading it in its entirety I really hope that this Omega 3 fish oil will do what you all say it will do.
As far as I could recall, I think I saw Sundown products in Foodmaxx or Food for Less stores or you could try Lucky Stores ( they are pretty more inexpensive than other brands - try also K-Mart or Walmart) I am taking now Nature's Made, and it helped a lot. I had a severe adult acne ( 41 yrs old)that started last year ( May), then got worst around June-August. I took Tetracyline for 3 mos and after that I've had a simple regimen, cetaphil and oil free moisturizer, clindamycin solution/Mario Badescu drying lotion. I am 99% clear now ( i never had cystic pimples since then) I am taking Nature's Made or Nature's Bounty fish oil from Walgreens and I would say it helped a lot. I am also taking Beta Carotene w/ it. If my face is dull, I exfoliate. I just discovered something that works and doesnt irritate my skin ( not sure w/ others) though I have a sensitive/combination skin. It's Clinique 7 day scrub-You would notice immediately after you use it, your skin is softer. Everybody has been asking me if I underwent some derma special treatments or procedure, NO. Going to the derma and have them pricked my face, for sure I would be sorry all my life for all the permanent scars that they would have created. I was just patient doing my regimen and more conscious of the products that I apply on my face.