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At this point, I would definitely recommend antibiotics. You don't have enough time to try a new bcp or spiro to get results before thanksgiving and your vacation. The only thing that will possibly give you results without an initial breakout within this small amount of time is antibiotics. Also, ask for a topical antibiotic (such as clindamycin) in addition to an oral. Studies have shown that this is more effective. I know it's not the best case scenario, but if you're worried about antibiotics decreasing the effectiveness of bcp, just use condoms. After your trip, i'd definitely try to talk with your doctor about spiro- it worked wonders on my skin, but took about 3-4 months to work. gl!

oh, and please don't believe everything you hear about antibiotics being dangerous, and becoming resistant... the antibiotics used to treat acne are not the same as the ones used to treat serious infections (such as penicillin, methicillin, etc.). Also, if they cause GI problems, take them with food, and also take acidophilus or lactobacillus supplements or eat yogurt daily.