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Please get to your doctor immediately and get on long term antibiotics and don't back off on it. You have a bone infection. The dentist may have missed a canal or a root and maybe the root canal needs to be redone. Read my story on here. I post under SusanL95.You have a chance to recover. You need to be pushy (but nice so you aren't called combative). Lisa, you have a chance to recovery. Do not let them push you off. There was a guy who posted on here and he got better and I think it is because doctors often brush women aside but when a man arrives with the same or similar complaints they don't brush them off. Women are hysterical and depressed when they complain of pain, etc.

I think IV antibiotics and possible surgical intervention will heal you, but you have to attack it quickly and heavily. One antibiotic often doesn't do the trick. If you haven't been on it yet, Clindamycin is often a good choice. I definitely believe more than one antibiotic andthen an antifunal will give you your best chance to recover.

I am not a doctor, just an extremely informed patient who has suffered needlessly and had my entire life altered as the result of medical neglect.