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When taking antibiotics, it is really important to be careful...not all of them treat the same kinds of bacteria. Generally, when dealing with infections in the mouth/jaws, you need something that also treats anaerobic bacteria (i.e. bacteria that don't need oxygen to survive). I know that my friend who had osteomyelitis of the jaw was on IV antibiotics for a while. I will ask her what she had, but I'm quite sure one of the drugs was metronidazole (usually marketed under the brand name of Flagyl). Also, not sure if you've taken clindamycin, but that one is sometimes used for anaerobic infections...I was given that several times for infection after my wisdom teeth were removed. I don't know if that would be effective for something in the bone or not...and it's very hard on the stomach.

Obviously though, you need to see a doctor about this...I'm not sure if the doctors you're seeing sound very knowledgeable about this kind of infection. Also, some are very reluctant to prescribe antibiotics unless they are totally sure there is an infection...as you know, resistance to antibiotics is growing. I don't know what it takes to become "resistant," and honestly don't know if that applies to you or not. Honestly, I think that in your case, if you have an infection that needs to be treated...it's more important to worry about getting the right type of antibiotic. What other ones have you taken?? But again, please be aware that many docs/dentists are going to be reluctant to prescribe them unless there is a proven infection...